How to Watch NBA TV?

Calling all basketball fanatics! Craving that buzzer-beater excitement, heart-stopping dunks, and in-depth analysis? NBA TV is your one-stop shop for everything NBA.

But with so many streaming options these days, figuring out how to watch NBA TV can feel like a jump shot gone awry. Fear not, fellow hoopsters! This guide will cover all the slam dunks you need to know:

Watch NBA TV

Where to Watch NBA TV

There are several ways to catch NBA TV, depending on your viewing preferences:

  • Cable & Satellite TV: The classic option! Many cable and satellite providers include NBA TV in their channel lineup. Check your specific provider’s guide to see if NBA TV (usually around channel 216) is included in your package.
  • Streaming Services: Cut the cord? No problem! Several popular streaming services offer NBA TV as part of their channel selections. Here are some popular choices:
    • DirecTV Stream: Offers NBA TV in select packages.
    • Sling TV: Includes NBA TV in some tiers, with NBA League Pass add-on options.
    • FuboTV: Features NBA TV in most base packages.
    • YouTube TV: Carries NBA TV in its base plan.

Important Note: While these services typically offer NBA TV, check their latest channel lineups and pricing to confirm availability in your region.

  • NBA League Pass:┬áThis subscription service goes beyond NBA TV, offering live out-of-market games throughout the season. While it doesn’t include NBA TV itself, some packages may bundle the two for a complete NBA experience.

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NBA TV Plan, Cost & Supported Devices

Here’s a breakdown of NBA TV’s standalone option:

  • Plan: NBA TV Standalone Subscription (available through some providers)
  • Cost: Pricing varies depending on the provider, typically ranging from $5 to $10 per month.
  • Supported Devices: Once subscribed, you can watch NBA TV on the provider’s app using various devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming devices (Roku, Fire TV), and computers.

Features of NBA TV

NBA TV offers a variety of features to keep you hooked on the hardwood:

  • Live Games (Limited): While primarily focused on classic games and replays, NBA TV occasionally broadcasts live games, particularly when there are no competing broadcasts.
  • Classic Games & Documentaries: Relive iconic matchups and delve into the rich history of the NBA with their extensive library of classic games and documentaries.
  • News & Analysis: Stay updated on the latest NBA news, hear expert analysis, and get insights from coaches and players.
  • Original Programming: Dive deeper into the NBA with original shows, player profiles, and behind-the-scenes content.


Q: Is there a free way to watch NBA TV?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no completely free way to watch NBA TV on a permanent basis. However, some streaming services offer free trials, which might allow you to catch a few games.

Q: Can I watch NBA games on the go?

A: Yes! With most streaming services and the NBA League Pass app, you can stream live and on-demand games (including those on NBA TV) to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Q: What if I don’t have cable or a streaming service?

A: Some local bars and restaurants might show NBA TV games. You can also check local listings to see if there are any upcoming watch parties.

So there you have it! With a variety of options available, catching NBA TV is easier than ever. Now grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for a season filled with highlights, historical gems, and in-depth analysis. Happy watching!

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