NBA Playoff Bracket 2024: Printable & Current Format

Are you interested in downloading the 2024 NBA playoff bracket in printable and PDF formats? You can find a fillable bracket version with high-definition image quality for printing on this page.

The opening round of the 2024 NBA Playoffs will begin on April 20, and the championship game will begin on Thu, Jun 6, 2024.

Current NBA Playoff Bracket (04-13-2024)

Eastern Conference Bracket

  • (1) Boston Celtics vs. (8) Winner of play-in
  • (2) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (7) Winner of play-in
  • (3) New York Knicks vs. (6) Indiana Pacers
  • (4) Cleveland Cavaliers vs. (5) Orlando Magic

Western Conference Bracket

  • (1) Denver Nuggets vs. (8) Winner of play-in
  • (2) Minnesota Timberwolves vs. (7) Winner of play-in
  • (3) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (6) New Orleans Pelicans
  • (4) LA Clippers vs. (5) Dallas Mavericks

Printable Blank NBA Playoff Bracket 2024

NBA Playoff Bracket 2024

We’ve created a free, printer-friendly NBA Playoff bracket for you. We aim to help ensure you don’t miss any exciting playoff games.

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How does NBA Playoff Bracket work?

The NBA Playoff Bracket visually represents the postseason matchups in the NBA. It works as follows:

Seeding: At the end of the regular season, the top eight teams from each conference (Eastern and Western) qualify for the playoffs. Teams are ranked based on their regular-season win-loss records, with the team having the best record getting the #1 seed and the team with the eighth-best record getting the #8 seed.

Play-In Tournament: Starting from 2020-2021, the NBA introduced the play-in tournament to determine each conference’s final two playoff spots (seeds #7 and #8). Teams with the 7th through 10th best records in each conference participate in this mini-tournament. The winner of the 7th seed vs. 8th seed game earns the #7 seed, and the winner of the 9th seed vs. 10th seed game faces the loser of the 7th seed vs. 8th seed game for the #8 seed.

First Round: Once the play-in tournament is over and seeds #7 and #8 are determined, the first round of the playoffs begins. Teams are matched up as follows:

  • #1 seed vs. #8 seed
  • #2 seed vs. #7 seed
  • #3 seed vs. #6 seed
  • #4 seed vs. #5 seed

Conference Semifinals: The winners of the first-round matchups advance to the Conference Semifinals. The team that wins the #1 vs. #8 matchup faces the winner of the #4 vs. #5 matchup, while the winner of the #2 vs. #7 matchup faces the winner of the #3 vs. #6 matchup.

Conference Finals: The winners of the Conference Semifinals face each other in the Conference Finals. The winner of each Conference Final advances to the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals: The champions of each conference face off in a best-of-seven series to determine the NBA champion.

All playoff series, except for the play-in tournament games, are best-of-seven, meaning the first team to win four games advances to the next round. The bracket is structured to allow fans to follow each team’s progress throughout the postseason.